About Us

 Cultivating Communities, Developing Knowledge, Engaging Learners

Doctor Development Consultancy is an innovative company offering a range of services to help people, communities and organisations to grow and develop. Dr Bianca Bailey Wilson, a human development, communication and diversity expert leads the consultancy, supported by a range of associates who lend their expertise to specific projects. 

We help leaders, changemakers, funders, commissioners, educators, education managers, and programme managers to meet their goals, improve their processes, and move forward towards impact.


Our areas of expertise include:

Child & Youth Development

Community Development & Engagement (incl. D& I)

Programme Development and Evaluation

Theory of Change Development & Social Impact Monitoring

Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Business Development

Personal Development & Growth (including leadership development)


Our Story

'Human communities depend upon a diversity of talent, not a singular conception of ability. And at the heart of the challenge is to reconstitute our sense of ability and intelligence.' Sir Ken Robinson

We believe that learning and sharing is key to personal, community and organisational growth, and that when you open up the conversation and tune into people, solutions follow. Whether we are working in health or education, policy and research, innovation and enterprise, or community engagement, we bring a sense of openness and creativity to the work that we do.   

Dr Bianca Bailey Wilson has worked for over 15 years to support people, organisations and community to grow and flourish. With a PhD in Educational Development, that focused on those who achieve success despite the challenges they face, Bianca is an award-winning thought- leader, and human development and communication expert. Bianca brings her passion and expertise to her client work as well as her work with individuals.  

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