Here are some examples of Bianca's work:

  • Judge -Association of Qualitative Research (AQR) Excellence Awards 2020 -  I was asked by the Chair of the AQA to be a judge for these prestigious awards for 2020.

  • Academic Consultant - Spark Inside Charity 2019-to date - I have been an academic consultant on a pilot project for young men in prison. This involved theory of change development, training development and project support.

  • Educational Consultant - BBC Media & Bitesize - Bianca was approached by the BBC to consult on an early years educational game to introduce and familiarise young children starting primary school.

  • Enterprise & Partnerships - Bianca was asked to support the University of Greenwich in the Faculty of Education & Health & Liberal Arts & Sciences to develop its enterprise and partnerships capacity and Innovate UK funding (Feb 2019-to date).

  • Research & Quality Assurance - Clearview Research Ltd - January 2019 - to date: Bianca is working with Clearview to develop new practices and offerings, as well as quality assurance and training in research methods. Bianca also works with Clearview Research as an advisor on projects.

  • Educational Consultancy (Quality Assurance)- Well Grounded Coffee (July 2018): Bianca was asked to provide educational quality assurance to Well grounded in relation to their educational programmes.


  • Children's Science Communication Workshop Design & Delivery -  June 2018: We were asked to deliver a workshop for Little Wormwood Scrubs Festival on behalf of Imperial College London.


  • Research Communication Workshop Leader – HEIM Roma Summer School (University of Sussex Summer 2017): Bianca was asked to design and deliver workshops and provide support for PhD researchers from the Roma community, with a focus on research communication and impact. Research Communication Blogs

  • Pacey Freelance Associate - Training & Writing 2013-2015- Bianca worked as a freelance associate for the professional association of childcare and early years (Pacey) writing a book for them on early literacy development and delivering training and moderating coursework. 


  • Case Study Evaluation of the Amos Bursary - 3.5 year project (Imperial College London 2013-2017) This project was commissioned by Imperial College London as formed the basis of Bianca's PhD. The case-study evaluation explored academically able young British Black men from low-income households who are looking to enter top-tier universities and graduate careers. The young men are involved in the Amos Bursary programme and my role is to evaluate the programme, its outcomes and its potential impact. This study took a developmental ecological/social psychology approach using Bronfenbrenner’s Bioecological Theory of Human Development and Bandura’s Self-Efficacy Theory and Deci & Ryan’s Self-Determination Theory. It also used participatory evaluation methods, qualitative interviews and surveys.


  • Research Project – Silences of Science (research study conducted for the Imperial College Science Communication Unit 2014-2015): Bianca was asked to work on this project which explored the pressures and silences for young researchers in STEM and interviewed and conducted focus groups with postgraduate researchers to explore the experiences. Bianca also wrote the final report.


  • Interim Evaluation Report – Oxfordshire Reading Campaign (National Literacy Trust 2013): Bianca was commissioned to compile the interim evaluation report for this programme, incorporating qualitative and quantitative data (report here: https://eric.ed.gov/?id=ED560657 )


  • Project Developer – Oxfordshire Reading Campaign (National Literacy Trust 2012): Bianca was asked to develop the content of a volunteer reading programme to support chidlren aged 5-7 to develop a love of reading.


  • Our Newz – Youth media project funded by the Media Trust (2010-2011): Bianca alongside Charles Bailey led this project which worked with young people aged 14-25 to explore their views on their local neighbourhoods and involved them producing short new pieces. As part of this project, they also planned a youth debate (called Ur Debate) with politicians prior to the 2010 general election, including James Cleverly, Chuka Ummuna and Tessa Jowel.

  • Speaker and Trainer - Foyer Federation (formerly ChangeMakers) 2009-2010 - Bianca was asked to deliver sessions to young people about enterprenership and social change.